Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful #2

Today I am most {thankful} for my sweet, loving and funny husband! I could not have made it this summer without him :)

P.S I know I said my new shop would open yesterday, but I am having some glitches with my website. So please bare with me. When it does open you will love it!

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Fran. said...

Hey Hey there Molly Girl!! I have beeen missing in action and I miss ya!! I did ground myself off facebook for awhile!! Got my first craft show done that is a hard one for me cuz I co-chair it and I have a hard time getting stuff done for my table!! I did post about it! Check it out! Hey send me a note when you get your new shop up! I love my Etsy and I am working hard to get more into it!! Take care and yes you are blessed with an awesome husband!!! Love ya, XO Fran.