Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December!

Hello December! Thank you for coming with a cold morning and hot orange spice tea!

Thank you for blessing us with a bright blue sky and quacking ducks and
laying hens!

I am looking forward to many Christmas parties and fellowship with my church

*You* bring the joy of giving out 84 treasure bags and singing sweet Christmas
music to the assisted living home in two weeks!

*You* come bearing gifts and service and love to all!

*You* also gave a child a bible last night that yelled out to {me} in the cold
that she needed one to read! And that's a gift in itself!

But most of all you bring a Savior that was born and died for are sins! And that's
the best gift of all!

{This year has been rough but in the midst of this *storm* we have praised God and thanked Him for letting us live out this life He gave us. And humbling ourselves before Him and spreading His gospel. Because He chose us to give service, love little children and share His Good News! And for that we are humbly GRATEFUL!}

* May this December be the most meaningful yet!*

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Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Yeay I love December too! Your tea you had sounds yummy!