Saturday, June 21, 2008


I have been going to church my whole life. I can remember my granny and I sitting together in the pews and having a "southern lunch" right after service. I can remember eating dinner on Wednesday nights and having such fun in bible study. I pray on a daily basis and read my devotional. When I think about how gas and food has gone up I say to myself "how are we going to make it?". The lord has always provided for us and has never let us down. Even though sometimes I wish he would give me signs more easily. Well about two months ago I was pumping gas when a homeless man came by and started looking through the trash for food. I asked him if he was hungry and he said yes. So I reached in my pocket and gave him ten dollars. When I went in to pay, the man that owns the store said that I should not have given him the money because he lives in a shelter and would only purchase alcohol with it. Well I started thinking maybe I shouldn't have given him the money but then I thought what was ten dollars anyway. I have been blessed with food, shelter, clothes, growing business, loving family and God. My point is the ten dollars didn't make or break me, it made me feel like I was helping him out. I couldn't bear to see him pick up an old Tupperware container with nasty mac and cheese in it. On my birthday last year me and my husband went to eat at shorty's in Wake Forest ( we have machines in their pool room ). Well when we were leaving a man was walking down the street and came and asked us if we would buy him lunch because he was hungry. I almost started crying because I have been so blessed and have never gone hungry and for a man to come up and ask if we could get him lunch because everyone else he asked said no my heart melted. Well my husband said yes do you like hot dogs and the man replied yes. So we went to Shorty's and he got ten hot dogs, cheese Fry's and two drinks. He thanked us and went on his way. As we were driving home we saw him underneath a tree eating alone in the heat. I will never forget this man and how he asked us for lunch. When there are weeks when I think I can't make it I think to myself and say the lord will not give you what you can't handle. So maybe this week you can help someone in need whether it be with lunch, a friendly conversation or just by praying for them.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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