Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost tickets and a busted lip

Well last night we were supposed to be hooting and hollering at WWE Raw at the RBC Center but instead we were trying to explain to a deaf child why we had to leave. All day long I kept watching my little brother and sister get their posters ready and get their gear on to go see Rick Flair and John Cena. When we arrived at the RBC Center me, my mom and my siblings got in line while my husband went to go retrieve the tickets at the box office. Well about fifteen minutes later I see my little bald headed husband just a huffing and puffing on the phone. The lovely customer service rep at ticket master had given us tickets for WWE Smackdown in Ashville NC. We live in Durham that's about five hours away!!!! Well we ended up at TGI Fridays vegging out. My sister which is eleven and has cochlear implants did not understand why we were leaving. So I tried my hardest to explain but that's really hard when she has limited language. Well it ends up that we are going to get our full refund back and we didn't have to show our true "Redneck" selves to get it back.

Now on to the busted lip.... my sister which is deaf ( I can't say that enough ) was trying to understand what my brother was saying and got frustrated and popped him in the mouth. Needless to say she got in trouble but again I would have loved to have had the customer service rep there to witness trying to explain why we had to leave last night.

Now hopefully the Lord will be with us and we can be able to go to the beach next weekend. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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