Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well we had an event full 4TH of July. We went shopping earlier in the day and then headed over to the Durham Bulls ball park to hear Kevin Costner sing with his band. The concert was really good and Kevin can sing really well. So anyways it had been a really hot day so we knew that it might rain or storm even. So as the concert went on the sky got darker and darker, then the bottom fell out. It started pouring and luckily we were seated in the covered terrace. Well everyone that was on the grass and not under the terrace ran towards us or went in through the tunnel. Well the lights went out so you can imagine an 11 and 12 year old being upset especially my sister being deaf and not knowing what is going on.

So we wait and the field lights come on and we decided to make our way to the car. Well to our surprise the lights were off in the breezeway. It looked like a war zone, everyone was pushing and shoving and wanting to get out, but there was no way out due to the breezeway being flooded. So I try to help my mom get everyone calm and by the wall, I went down the breezeway to see if we could get through and I was overwhelmed by the mass of people and how the "alcohol" had taken over. Well I go back and tell them lets wait and see if it clears out and then lets go, well we wait and wait and wait. Then the so-called workers and Durham's finest (police)
show up and start telling us to go back to the stadium and then they say no stay in the breezeway. I was like you know you have no plan what so ever to get people out without being trampled, mugged, killed kidnapped or picked pocketed.

So we finally start walking and we get to the parking deck where it is stand still traffic. You have guys yelling and honking the horn wanting people to move and it was total chaos. We decide to go wait in the lobby until it clears out.

Well we get to finally driving home and the neighborhood looks like a tornado has hit. Big, I mean huge trees were down and lights were out and it looks so scary. I have my little brother and sister in the backseat crying because they think Jesus has come to take his people and we didn't make it. HAHAHA!!! Please Lord don't ever leave me down here when you come. So we get to my mom's house and her power is off. She didn't get power until today because a tree had fallen and took down the line. Well my dad being a retired line man for Duke Power I have a special place in my heart for line men, because they risk their lives for us to get our power turned back on.

So now my baby brother and sister say they never want to go back to the ball park all because our lovely Durham Bulls ball park DOES NOT HAVE AN EMERGENCY PLAN. THANKS!!!!!!

I mean really, there was only over 1000 people there. Let's get real and do something and not just get paid to yell at people when you have an emergency like that and scare the hell out of precious children.

Well I could rant all night about how people should get priorities in check but unfortunately I have jury duty tomorrow and have to go waste my time there so.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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