Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Hallows Eve

For since I can remember one of my favorite holidays has been Halloween. I loved making all my costumes and adding this and that to each of them. I loved getting my pumpkin carved and ready to be lit on Halloween and then eating the toasted pumpkin seeds for snacks. Me and my sister would always dump out our candy and then rummage for all the chocolate and save the rest for later. I can remember just about every costume that I ever had : punk rocker, flapper, witch, devil, devil angel, Kelly Osbourne, pumpkin, dead cheerleader, Cleopatra and the list goes on and on.

Two of my fondest memories of going trick or treating bring me back to the young ages of 10 and 11. When I was 10 I was a flapper, my mom took my dance costume and spray painted the stringy skirt green and added sequins to the leotard, she also made me this awesome head piece that I still have today. I remember I put on my tap shoes and off me and my sister went to go get us some candy. When I was 11 I was Cleopatra, my mom took a vintage yellow gown and added gold sequins and gold garland and I had all the matching Cleopatra jewelry to match. My sister was a Genie that year so we kinda matched, her costume was pink and gold.

I can remember taking most of the month of October to assemble and put together my costumes and I would try them on every day when I got home from school. My mom would always play Thriller by Michael Jackson on the way to school so me and my sister could sing and get in the Halloween spirit.

When I was little there was this awesome party store that had every thing, nic nak, whatever your heart desired when it came to your costume. They even had party stuff, like poppers, body parts, scary music, you name it they had it. I wish that store was still here!!!!!

Do you all have any Halloween memories that make you wanna ride on over to you nearest party store and get a costume?

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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