Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A topless tree, broken Internet and the Star Of Bethlehem

Well hello friends!!! After a week of my Internet not working I am finally back to blog land, YAYAYAY!!! Oh don't you just love modern technology, wink wink.. Well after my Internet broke down, I get to almost finishing the decorations on my tree and what to my wondering eyes do I see but the darn lights in the middle have just blown. Oh Joy!!!! So I carefully take down some ornaments fix the lights and actually get all the boxes and what not put up and what do I see when I enter the living room , the top lights have now gone out. So I said to myself " Molly we are not taking down the ornaments to relight this tree" , so I have a topless tree HAHAHA ( lights that is). Mike has been trying to find the bulb to replace it but I told him to just not worry about it, it's a great "conversational piece", HAHAHAHA!

This past weekend our dear friends, Harriet and Winslow and some others from our Sunday school class went to see the Star of Bethlehem at the Planetarium. It was beautiful! Every year I say I want to go see it and we never go. So as a Sunday school "field trip" we went Sunday after church and then headed over to 35 Chinese to eat a scrumptious meal. Then we were back at church for the hand bell choir concert, which was beautiful by the way.

Well I am off to do some machines and then off to the play at church tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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