Friday, December 12, 2008

OMG I'm having a sleepover and whats up with texting

OMG!!!!! I'm having a sleepover tonight, my first in about 11 years, yes I'm getting old. My little sister Elizabeth will be sleeping at my house tonight and I have a ton of stuff planned, ( she's only 11 ). First off I am making her a special dinner of hamburgers and veggies with a special drink ( she loves apple juice ). Then I know she will wanting to play in my studio so today I am going to have to wrap some gifts so she won't sneak a peek, wink wink. Then we will probably watch a movie or she loves to read my blogging friends blogs, so we will be very busy tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to the Wake Forest parade and for Mike's haircut. We will be dining at the Famous Shorty's Hot Dogs, ( they are the best in the world ) Mike found some vintage machines for Chris the owner so we get to see how they look tomorrow as well. Then we will head over to the farmers market to stock up on some preserves and Christmas gifts ( did I ever tell yall I love homemade stuff HEHE ).

OK so my other sister Miranda ( we are like night and day and quite often do not get along ) never ever answers the phone when I call her, I could be in ditch or somewhere and she would never know because she never answers her flippen phone. Well she recently moved this past summer and I needed her address ( because when I go to people's houses I never look at the street or house number, that's just how I roll HEHE ), so I call twice and leave messages upon end to let her know I needed it so I could send her some Christmas love through a very pretty Christmas card. Well about three hours later she texts me her address and then asks me what mine is.

I mean how hard is it to dial seven digits and say hey sissy my address is blah blah blah and whats yours?. All I'm saying is that I don't get the texting issue and whatever happened to just picking up the phone and saying hey to someone.

OK so I hope everyone has a fabulous day and a great weekend!!!

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Priscila said...

haha thats our generation...texting!!! haha