Tuesday, December 23, 2008


OK so I know I should be in a happy Christmas mood but I am truly outraged by the people that have lost power due to the ice storm. I know personally how they feel because five years ago North Carolina lost power due to an ice storm as well. We didn't have power for almost two weeks and we survived. I guess my problem with it all is that my dad was a line man for Duke Power and I know how hard they work and yes they do RISK THEIR LIVES for us to have power. You can not just climb up a pole that has ice on it and fix it in twenty minutes, no it doesn't work that way. I can remember one night we had a terrible thunderstorm and I went with my step momma to Duke Power to help with the call center ( she is a supervisor for their computer system and call center ) and as I am making calls to see if customers have received power a woman asked "if I could just flip a switch" and my reply was "no you can not that's why my dad is climbing poles to fix the wires and the transformers". I am not trying to be mean about the situation and I do feel for those that have lost power I just think it is ridiculous for people to get so bent out of shape, I mean think to when there was no power and all those people survived the whole winter season. When we had our ice storm there were a lot of power companies that came from out of state to help get our power back on and some of those men lost their lives. Those men did not get to go back home to their families but yet they were here to help us out, from a different state. I just hope that people could be a little more patient and kind and really think about what goes into turning your power back on, it's not just like flipping a switch. I can remember my dad going down to the beach to fix power from hurricane Hugo and thinking when he was going to come home after two weeks of him being gone. When he came home he told me a story about a power truck that had accidentally drove off the bridge into the ocean because it was dark and they were trying to get to the power line to re-set it. And all I could think of was that could have been my dad, three men lost their lives that night. They didn't get to come home, they didn't get to see their families.

I just hope that people could be a little more patient and yes I know it is Christmas but do you think these men are going to be able to spend Christmas with their families, no they will be working to turn your power back on. It's a hard job but someone has to do it and I am proud that my dad was a line man, he did an AWESOME JOB.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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