Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A funny

OK so here's a funny I thought y'all would enjoy.

One summer day back in the late 80's two little girls decided to get creative. They walked into the shed in the backyard and got a pail of black paint and a brush. They then went into the back of the driveway and decided to paint themselves black. Their intentions were to see what they looked like when they took their clothes off. Now back in the house their grandaddy was napping. The two girls had been outside for a while when their grandaddy awoke. When he went looking for them he was shocked at what he saw. He then burst out in laughter and tried to help them wash the paint off. To their surprise, their dad was coming over for a visit. As he pulled up he tried to see what was going on in the back. He then realized and got a little mad but then knew the two girls were a little crazy and wild. So he started laughing and helping wash them off. Well the paint didn't come all the way off and they had to go to school with black paint on their legs, arms, and face. Their mama was mad as ever and huffed and puffed for days. The two girls loved playing with each other, but most of they loved each other.

Miranda thanks for always being funny with me and for being my sweet little sister.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Michele said...

What a guys sound like you had so much fun!