Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thumbing with granny's pocket book

One warm summer morning two little girls awoke to the smell of a scrumptious breakfast. (yes unfortunately when I was little food was a very important factor in my life) They walked into the kitchen and ate eggs, bacon, toast, sliced tomatoes, grits and sausage. (yes I was chubby HEHE) They then got dressed and proceeded to play barbies, run through the clothes hanging on the line outside and go in the attic to play school. Well after lunch, which was tomato sandwiches and chips I remember this day fondly, their granny was watching her famous soap operas and snapping beans. The two sisters got her pocket book and walked down to the corner, which was only one house down and thumb for a ride. Well here comes granny's bridge game friend and said " you better get back in the house before I call your granny". Well they went back to the house and acted like nothing had happened. So a little later their granny comes into the den and says so and so had called earlier and told her what had happened. So granny attempted to put them in time out but it didn't last long cause supper was ready and they were hungry.

I don't know where those little girls were going with granny's pocket book full of credit cards to any store in the world but they were going somewhere. Funny how the smell and feel of the summer time air can spur up memories. I have a ton more stories of my times past that I will share with y'all later, especially ones that include paint and running in the backyard naked HAHAHAHAHA.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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