Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy 1st date Mikey

Five years this month, actually it was May 2ND, me and Mike had our first date. We went to Kuramos (Japanese restaurant) and to a movie, 13 Going On 30 to be exact. I was so nervous I hardly talked the whole night. Maybe I should backup to 2 weeks before our date. Me and Mike actually met online in a Christian chat room. I started chatting with him and we talked for a week online and then we talked for a week on the phone before we met. SO now back to the date night, when he brought me home I thought that since I hadn't talk a lot that he wasn't interested, thank God I was wrong. I called him and thanked him again for the dinner and movie and told him that I had a great time but was just nervous. Since that first date we have been together everyday since. By August we were talking about getting married and planing a wedding. People told me I hadn't known him long enough but I knew from our first date that I wanted to marry him. On Christmas eve I knew he was going to pick up my ring from the jewelers and he said he would be back within the hour, he never showed. So if you know me you know that I go into full panic mode and think the worst, are you hurt, dead in a ditch, you know crazy thoughts. He finally showed up after about 3 hours of me panicking and I asked where he was, he had gone to find a special box to put the ring in. That's Mike though if he knows you want something he will go to the ends of the earth to find it. Ten months later we were married. Our love is different from any other, most people would have probably bailed by now but not us. We have had our ups and downs and by that I don't mean our relationship, I mean financially. I have seen a lot of people get divorced over money and not having some grand mansion or some other materialistic thing. Our love is much greater than a "thing". I could be living in a box under a bridge and still love my husband for who he is. Mike has the biggest heart and would literally give you the shirt off his back. He has given his last dollar to a homeless man and bought $30 worth of food for a homeless family we met one day. Words cannot express how much I love him, he is my world, my life. Anybody that meets him is infatuated with him. I have seen him rise and fall and when he fell he got right back up and tried again. His faith in God is unbelievable. He always puts his faith first and I believe that why we have made it in the worst of times. God has a plan for us, I'm not sure what but I know it is a grand one.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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