Monday, July 6, 2009

i think i heard a footstep?

Four nights ago me and Mike woke up to a stuffy and hot house. Some how our AC had been turned off, we NEVER turn it off because Mike s hot natured and I have to have it cold when I sleep, otherwise I'm up all night. So Mike gets up and turns the AC back on. Well a few nights later I heard soft footsteps in our hallway, when I sat up to look if Mike was up, I heard them no longer. Now I usually don't believe in this mumbo jumbo because I know God is with me at all times and protects me from craziness, but I have recently been convinced we might have a visitor. Or it could be my crazy mind just thinking this stuff up. lets hope its that.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly


cr99ist03in said...

Call Ghost Hunters! It would be an excellent way to plug your business. Then you can make little ghost and foot print earrings and stuff! haha!

Michele said...

Yikes...that's creepy! Keep us updated!


Molly said...

HAHAHA, y'all are too funny. I do like ghost hunters though!