Friday, July 3, 2009

july 4th

July 4Th always reminds me of hot dogs, ice cream, fresh corn on the cob, ball games and hot weather. I also love looking at all the red, white and blue attire and decorations. Every year we always see the fireworks and have some sort of a yummy dinner. Last year we went to the Durham Bulls game and watched Kevin Costner sing, oh it was so fun. Then it poured like a bangee and knocked my mom's power out for three days. I can always remember my mom stopping off at the fireworks tent and getting us sparklers, little crackers and small fireworks. July 4Th always gives me a since of hope and freedom. We are so blessed to live in this wonderful country. I pray that our leader will focus on what this country was founded on. We have so much to be thankful for, soldiers fighting for our freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to worship the Lord and freedom of life. So as you sit down with your families tomorrow to celebrate this wonderful holiday, take a minute and thank God for this wonderful country we live in. And please eat a hot dog and some ice cream:)

Until I blog again~ Gal Molly
P to the S. There is a cute July 4Th story on my sister blog, The Sissy Chronicles. Just click my button the sidebar and enjoy!!

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