Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paint chip love

Over the past month we have been in and out of Home Depot and Lowe's on our quest to price and buy supplies for our upcoming chicken coop. On our way out I would ask Mike to walk with me to the paint department so I could grab some paint samples. I have been looking for the perfect color to paint a 1920's sewing table Mike bought me at Christmas and I think I am going with either a coral pink or a peacock blue. After many a trip to the hardware stores to buy wood, chicken wire and nails I became obsessed with how many paint chips I could get while in there. I find a new color every single time, oh the joy. Anyways I have now acquired quite a few stacks of paint chip samples and have actually found a purpose for them. Not that they didn't have a purpose to begin with but I am thinking of hosting a embellished Halloween paint chip swap. I haven't hashed out all the details but I think it would be a cool way of using those paint chips and seeing what others can create as well. So... stay tuned within the week for a maybe posting of a new swap. In the meantime Mike says I can't hoard anymore paint chips because he caught an employee looking at me on Saturday as I gleefully was talking to myself about embellishing a paint chip called Pumpkin for Halloween.
Until I blog again ~ Paint chip hoarder, Gal Molly

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