Thursday, July 23, 2009

We are officially chicken farmers

Meet the little hens!!! They arrived yesterday and I fell in love! I have already named them and know which is which by their different markings. They are so cute and humble. Mike is going to hand train them so he can pick them up when they get older. Just looking at what a beautiful creature God made is amazing.
Meet Powder Puff, she is the next to the smallest whom we named Baby because she let Mike hold her for a long time. Powder Puff is fluffy and round and that's how she got her name. Look at her little eyes and beak, too cute!

Here is Chirpy, well because she chirps a lot and gets on top of the water holder and acts like she is telling all the others where to go. She even likes to pose for the camera, look at her little feet. More pictures to come!
I see a lot of cool summer nights sitting in the barn talking, drinking sweet tea, listening to the preacher on the radio and watching the chicks. Life can't get any sweeter!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly or should I say chicken farmer :)

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