Friday, September 11, 2009

Family and Faith

Eight years ago today I was jamming to Point of Grace on my way to work, when something told me to change the channel. I heard that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers, I was shocked. I raced to the beauty shop in search of more information. I had just dropped my baby brother Ronald off at school and we had had a great morning together eating biscuits and colas while waiting in the car line up before school let in. I got to the beauty shop to meet some of my co-workers and they were just as confused as I was. Mama hadn't made it yet but was on her way. My co-worker Llewellyn called to tell me that it was all over the news that it could be terrorists, we were frightened. I was scared because my baby brother was at school and Elizabeth at pre-school. They weren't in my reach and I needed to be with them. As we were talking on the phone Llewellyn said a few choice words as she watched the second plane hit the second tower. She had to go she was so upset and she was crying. As the other stylists arrived at work we were all starting to freak and I knew this couldn't be good. Clients were calling and cancelling appointments and rescheduling. It was a mad house. Total panic had hit and I knew I had to get to my baby siblings. By 10:30 all schools had been cancelled and I went and got the babes. Ronald was confused as to why his fun filled day at Kindergarten was cancelled and we were at home watching the news. I tried so hard to explain in a way that he wouldn't freak out but to no avail he freaked a little. I am somewhat thankful that Elizabeth didn't understand what had happened and played happily with her dolls. The next day there was talk of terrorists bombing schools, so school was cancelled the rest of the week. Me and my brother have a bond like no one will ever know. Those days we spent together worrying what was gonna happen next I will never forget. He got all of his baseball bats together along with his Nerf guns ready to attack. By the next Monday we were back in school and I back at work. We had the florist across the street make us little red, white and blue ribbon pins to wear at the beauty shop honor of what had happened. I still have mine eight years later, a little tattered but still shining bright. As the weeks went on I found out that some clients had actually been there a few days before it happened, one had been in the building early that morning. God saved them. I am not sure why these things happen but I do know that God allows these things to happen for a reason. One reason was my little brother let Jesus in his heart two years later. I remember church on that Sunday after that Tuesday 9/11 and it was so packed, it quickly dwindled after a couple of months. Last week when I met Johnny, my moms client, the 9/11 firefighter, it brought it all back to me. All the feelings, my thoughts, my faith.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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