Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pearce's Poultry

Oh they are too cute for words!! There's some our flock when they were wee babes back in July. Pearce's Poultry is what we have decided our company name will be. Has a nice ring to it I think, HE HE. Come Easter you can buy a baby chick if ya want!!
For the last couple of months we have hemmed and hawed over how much to sell our eggs for, advertising and even setting up at the Farmer's Market. All the while God had different plans. We had first we thought we would set a price and then donate a few cartons during the week to various soup kitchens and shelters. But Mike always had the feeling God was wanting him to donate or give all the eggs away for free. At first I thought that was kinda crazy because we have spent a lot of time, sweat and money on these chickens and I thought we needed some sort of compensation. We prayed and prayed until God told Mike how to set up the business. All eggs are free and if you want to donate to the help of feeding said chickens that would be greatly appreciated. Mike said he would take anything anyone would offer, whether it be a penny or nothing. I knew from the start this whole chicken process would bring us great joy. Not only will we get to give people in need but the joy of that is unspeakable. I know we're just giving away eggs but that might help a family needing food. Hopefully by the end of next month our little hens will start laying eggs. I can't wait!!

I love this picture, I wonder if I can get it on a business card or something :) Isn't great wanting to help others in need!
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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