Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 weeks and 14 years ago today a baby was delivered

Fourteen years ago today a baby boy was delivered to a beauty shop in the pouring rain. He came with only a bottle. a diaper, his footed PJ's and a car seat. Ever since that day I have had the pleasure of being his big sister and second mama. Ronald you are my light, my world my everything and I thank God everyday that we were chosen to be your family. You are smart, funny, witty, kind and loving! You are taller than me by two inches and love to call me and we laugh over the phone. I love our phone calls! It has been a pleasure being your sister and I look forward to us getting old together. I know you will take care of me when I am 90 and walking with a walker and still trying to make you laugh. We have shared a ton of memories together, that I will cherish for a lifetime.Oh and you love hearing how you "came" to us. You are utterly my best friend and I love you with my heart and soul.


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