Sunday, March 7, 2010

Metamorphosis 2010

This weekend we chaperoned our youth group at church at Metamorphosis. SEVEN youth's got saved! Praise the Lord He is Good! Oh it was so wonderful! I cried! I cried all weekend! I recommitted my life! Mike recommitted his! Seven souls asked Jesus into their hearts, that is the most beautiful thing! We met Seth Condrey, his music is wonderful! I met his wife Jessica, she is too sweet! We met Nathan Smith, his testimony will make you cry and cry and be glad you are a Christian and have God in your heart and want to spread the gospel! He is amazing! Our dad's both worked at Duke Power, so neat! Small world! I just can't believe seven little youth's let Jesus in their heart! Seven more people spreading the gospel! OK I will have pictures of Seth Condrey and Nathan Smith tomorrow and my squares! Oh this weekend has been the best! Oh and I will tell you of a wonderful scavenger hunt we had the kids do on Saturday, they had so much fun! I love children, they are the light of the world! My group won the scavenger hunt, my husband is still a little sour about losing to girls, ha ha! Love him! See y'all tomorrow!
~Gal Molly
P.S We filled 80 thousand bags of food for Haiti, my arm is killing me from scooping veggies but it was well worth it!

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