Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Testimony

Happy Tuesday friends! My week has been fabulous and full of hard work. This weekend we chaperoned Metamorphosis with our church youth group. This is where I took God off the shelf He was on and recommitted my life, My. Whole. Life! Saturday night was the turning point for me. It was where I could care less if anyone saw me cry and thank God for every blessing he has bestowed upon me. I don't deserve anything He has given me but He made me and knew this would happen this weekend. Mike recommitted his life too. I have never seen him cry so hard than I did Saturday night. This weekend was beautiful!
Ever since the day I was born I have been in church. I have always participated in events, shared the gospel, involved in youth group, Wednesday nights, the whole sha-bang. I have always been a Christian, I have never strayed to other religions, never. About seven years I was baptised and thought I was going down the right path. But I was still lost in translation with going to bars with friends, drinking, cursing, my actions did not show I had asked Jesus into my heart. I only prayed when "I" needed something and not for God's will. I was trying to find happiness in things that are of this world and not in Christ. I continued to do these things up until I met Mike. When I met him I thought my life was complete and it was with finding a husband but I still had God on a shelf, only using Him when "I" needed Him. I had not fully given Him my life and thus why things I wanted always failed. After me and Mike got married, we went to church only when we weren't tired from working our 70+ our workweek and only tithed what we thought God needed. Again some of our plans failed because we didn't give our lives fully to Christ. In 2008 I nearly died from my appendix rupturing. I didn't want to go to the doctor until Mike forced me and I am so glad he did because the poison was all over my body and if I had not gone I would have been gone by morning. After I came home from my seven day stay at the hospital I kept having dreams of my granny saying to me 'Lets go home'. I could never understand why she was telling me this but I think I finally know now. When I received a clean bill of health I thanked God for sparing my life and asked Him what He wanted me to do with my life. I kept getting all these signs of volunteering and helping others less fortunate than me. And He kept telling me to spread the gospel. Even after God saving me from my sickness I still ignored His signs and urging me to tell the gospel. Last July when we found our new church, something clicked. We instantly fell in love with our church family and wanted to be there. When we joined our church had just hired a youth pastor. Our youth pastor and his wife are me and Mikes age and we instantly clicked. Mike loves kids and teens and wanted to be involved with the youth, this was our sign of "spreading the gospel" from God. This was our sign of "volunteering" from God. And no we are not stopping with our youth group but finding new avenues to tell our testimony and get more lives saved!
After I took God off the shelf and let Him fully into my life, I am not only happy but complete. I need nothing of this world but God. After this weekend I have this unending peace and calmness all the time. It feels so wonderful! It feels so wonderful to tell people that God is in my heart fully and how He has changed my life. There are no words to explain really how I feel, its just an unending peace and no worries feeling. I know God will always take care of me and be there for me when times get tough. God never said life would be easy but He did say that He would never leave you. He has never left me but I have left Him and He has always waited for me to come back home. This is what my granny was telling me in my dreams, To. Go. Home.
If you have a chance to go to a Metamorphosis weekend or you go to church this weekend, let Him in fully. It. Is. So. Worth. It!
~Gal Molly

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LDH said...

Hi Molly! First time visiting as I just began 'I'm Stitchingalong" and saw you blog posted there. How precious to come by and read your testimony! Sounds like you have made a serious commitment to following the Lord.

Blessings to you!

Kindly, ldh