Wednesday, April 28, 2010

*Silly Goose*

Monday evening I had gone up to the water spiket to wash off my beach chairs and let them air dry on the porch. I closed the door and about five minutes later I heard a tapping sound. I walked to the front door and this is what I saw... Ella quacking for bread! She learned how to walk up the steps to the front door.
I gave her some bread and she started walking towards my plants I had just watered so I had to put a water bowl out for her on my porch. This goose is SILLY!

Here she is still wanting bread, I have to buy her, her own loaf when I go grocery shopping. She is spoiled! Since Monday, she now comes up at lunch and dinner waiting for her bread and will not leave until you give her some. She even tried to sit in one of my beach chairs after she had ate on Monday, she is a hoot!
~Gal Molly
P.S... We have one person signed up for the Marie A. Altered Compact Swap! If anyone wants to still join, sign-ups will end on Saturday. This will be a really fun swap and is part of the other two swaps I will host this summer. Very girly!!


Sandy Michelle said...

Tee,hee how cute! It reminds me of the pet goose we had as kids :)

Sandy xox

Jenny Fowler said...

Oh how funny! :) Wish I had a goose.