Monday, August 30, 2010

Vintage Garden Blooms

Happy Monday! I had a very relaxing weekend and got absolutely nothing done! Just hung out with my husband and went to church! Here is a sneak peek of my new shop, Vintage Garden Blooms, My sister Elizabeth took this fabulous photo of my tulle pin a few weeks ago. This is part of the line that will be added to my shop this week. I can do any color combo and any size. I made a Duke blue pin for my mom's client (she's in love with Duke) and added many different colors of blue to it, it turned out beautiful. I will post those pictures later.
Here is a picture my sister Elizabeth took of me a few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon. We had been to the bead shop and then headed for dinner. I kinda like this picture of me :) Be back tomorrow with a another shop update!
~Gal Molly

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Fran. said...

Hey Molly by Golly Wow! Love your tulle pin!! I like that picture of you too! I sent Alexis another email. Haven't heard back. So I'll just skip it!! and IT"S OK!!! I'm keeping my eye open for your Halloween gig! I love me some Crows! Can't wait to see your shop!! I'm taking the plunge soon too! Kinda nervous! Maybe you can pave the way for us!! Have a great one!! XOXO Fran.