Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When it rains, it Pours!

Happy Monday friends! We had a great weekend, hope you did as well. I went up to my dad's house to celebrate mine and my sister's birthdays. We had Bee Bee Q chicken, green beans, hush puppies and potato salad, it was deelish! I loved spending time with my dad, step mom and step brother and his fiance. I got smell goods, a pretty necklace and some much needed moolah. Then we had cake and ice cream and all too soon it was time to go home. But me and my dad are planning a sleepover in November for his birthday so YAY!

On Friday I was at my mom's salon and found out that the receptionist holds a craft fair in her house for two days and she asked me if I wanted to bring over some of my jewelry and nearly died. I was so happy, I immediately started making a list of items I am going to make for her November craft fair. It is going to be so much fun.

We also found out this weekend we need a tune up on our truck and something to do with the rear brakes or something. YAY, we get to spend some more money on our truck, ha ha just kidding. About two weeks ago we spent about $600 on our front brakes, but we basically got a whole new brake system with hoses and all that jazz so it was worth it. We just weren't expecting to turn around two weeks later needing to have a tune up and the rear of the truck worked on so soon. Our mechanic, which is our good friend at church told us we needed to get the rear of the truck done by the end of October. So needless to say we will be getting it serviced next week and pray it does not leave us stranded. Our mechanic told us it would not leave us stranded it will just feel like the truck has no power, so we have put all faith in God that He will be with us until next week when we get paid. Oh the joys of car trouble! But I am very thankful to God for our truck and Him keeping it running for us, because we all know He is the one that keeps us and things together!

Then yesterday I won a pair of my favorite shoes, Oka b.'s! When I went to their website to enter for the next drawing I saw on the side where they post all of the names of the ladies who had won and I saw "Molly Pearce from NC". I gasped so loud Mike thought something was wrong, ha ha! Oka b.'s are so comfy and they last forever. I am so happy I won a pair and their pink with flowers on them, some of my faves! Then I went to check my email and I had won another giveaway. And I thought wow, Jesus must be wanting me think about other things and not that silly truck. Funny how He always finds things to make your day when you think you have the biggest problems in the world and you really don't.

Well I am off to work on some new earrings and get ready for a WMU seminar tonight that me and my friends from church are going to. I am really excited, I have never been to a WMU seminar before. Hopefully I will learn something new and take a lot of ideas home with me.

And if I could ask for some prayers my way about my dad and our truck that would be fabulous! I have found out that through my prayer chain at church that some of my prayers were answered and I know that some of you were praying for me as well. Thank you!! If you have any prayer requests please leave them in my comments or email me at I think this would be great if we could get a prayer chain going for each other. So here are my two requests, my dad and my truck not leaving us stranded somewhere.

Hope you ladies have a lovely day!
~Gal Molly

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