Monday, November 29, 2010

86 Bags

86 bags is what is needed to give to the 86 residents living at the assisted living center I plan on taking my little children I teach on Sunday evenings. For the past 2 weeks we have been coloring paper bags and writing 'I love you', 'Jesus loves you' and 'Merry Christmas' all over them. My children are so excited about this they can't stand it and it makes me want to cry tears of joy when they call me and my husbands name down the hall at church asking what are going to do this weekend to help somebody. The Lord has truly blessed me and Mike with a great ministry, I can't thank Him enough!

On Saturday me and Mike ventured out for deals on hand sanitizer, tissues, lotions and candy canes. We knew the cost would be high but to see the smiles and joy on these peoples faces makes us so happy. We ended up buying tissues and hand sanitizer because as always God is good and my friends at church donated shampoo, body wash, soap bars and lotion! We have enough to fill all the bags! We weren't sure if we could afford all that we wanted to put in the bags and like always God provided for us! I really don't know why I worry because He ALWAYS PROVIDES! I really should stop!

I am so excited about Saturday I can't stand it! Then the next Saturday we are going to the planetarium to see the Star of Bethlehem and then to Chuck E. Cheese for the pizza and games. This truly has been one of the best Christmas seasons I have had in a long time.

Oh and starting on December 5 through the 12 you can purchase some of my items and items from other crafty and talented ladies from the water 4 Christmas etsy shop! I am so proud to be a part of this!! And also I am part of a special tribe of people supporting coal stoves in Haiti! Just visit to purchase a $20 gift. And guess what? $20 buys a family a stove, is that not great or what!!!

So much giving and so much of the gospel make me so happy!!!!!

Happy Monday my friends!!

~Gal Molly

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Miss G said...

I am so excited for the etsy water4christmas shop to open! I sent some stuff too. So fun and exciting!! Kelly