Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Friday night as I was perusing on facebook, I came across a set of snapshots being taken at that very moment by my sweetie pies. I instantly got homesick and wished I was there to be with them.
The captions that Elizabeth aka Lil Bit was posting under each snapshot was Hill-Larry-Us! She would put..."me and Ronald goofing off" or "Ronald and me being silly".

Snapshots only a sister could love! My life right there in those snapshots!

This last one is so Ronald and so Elizabeth! This is what I have the privilege of loving and hanging out with! Two little people that can brighten up any bad day or make you laugh when you want to cry or be your best friend forever and not care if your hair is done or what you look like. That's my Ronald and Elizabeth! Funny thing is they still smell like cookies and dirt at age 13 and 14.
~Gal Molly
P.S My silhouette tute will debut in a couple of days on Life in Grace's blog... stay tuned :)

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Fran. said...

I saw your tags in the Inspire Magazine. How very cool! I want to learn to make them, can't wait for the tute! I know you've been huper busy, but did you received my package yet? Just curious to see if you like it or not! lol Molly you just love so much from your heart! Your family is adorable and I can understand why they get to you! I also the love the woman of God I see in you through this awesome land of blogging!! I will have pics of the new "inspiration room" soon! That is what Sim is calling it! Isn't that kinda cool? Right now he's painting everything! lol We got some green paint for some of the other stuff! Talk to ya soon! XO Love, Fran.