Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! Hello friends! Hope your weekend treated you well. My weekend was full of ups and downs. I had a Women's Outreach luncheon on Saturday which was fun and then me and Mike hosted a children's movie party on Saturday night which was a blast and a blessing. We had 16 children show up and they all were glued to the movie we watched. The movie was The Secrets Of Johnathan Sperry, very very good, this was the 2nd time we had watched it. Has some great Christian lessons and everyday situations that help children ask God for help and advice. On to my 1st picture, we get a lot of egg crates donated to us and I love the ones from Whole Foods with the little chick's on the lid. Very cute!

My jar of Sweethearts on my vintage wooden box I got at a flea market.

Our egg crates that we stamp our business name on waiting to be filled with eggs. So when I say that I am crating eggs, this is what I mean, *he he*.

My everything table. I have my mixer, loaf bread, chips, cookies, pictures of the babes and little what nots on here. This is where almost *everything* gets placed. We don't have a lot of counter space in our trailer so this table helps out a lot.

My panda kettle that I won at the seniors bingo game at church. We were invited to our senior adults BBQ last summer and they played bingo and this is what I won. It came from my good friend Joann. I love her!!

Here is a picture snow globe of my sweety Ronald when he was in 5th grade. Oh man that seems like a long time ago, when it was only 5 years ago. He sits atop my stove and watches me cook, *he he*.

My 3 little cake candles that I bought about 10 years ago from Bath & Body Works. I love these little candles. They remind me of Valentines day!

My favorite measuring cups! They are in the shape of hearts and I got them at the dollar spot at Target a year after I got married.

One of my Christmas decorations that I didn't put up this year because I love how the light illuminates the kitchen at night. Mike got me this wine bottle out of the trash can behind one of our favorite diner's. I love it! Mainly because he reached down deep to get it for me :)

Tea brewing in my awesome tea making machine! One of our lovely wedding gifts that I use daily!

Sink full of dirty breakfast dishes. I have a lot of colored dishes and cups and saucers and bowls and pans. I love color!

My penguin cookie jar my dad gave me for Christmas, isn't she cute! She sits in front of my coffee maker and keeps things in order, *he he*.

And lastly my fridge, full of little notes from the babes, pictures, drawings and recipes. I love my fridge and all the artwork and notes from Ronald and Elizabeth and from the children I teach at church. They are my daily reminders of how much they love me and I them. I love that God has given me and Mike this opportunity to teach them the gospel, makes my heart full of joy!
I hope your Monday has treated you as well as mine has!
~Gal Molly

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