Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

Hello! Happy Wednesday friends! I am teaming up with all the other beautiful ladies over at the Pleated Poppie this week for WIWW. So without further adieu...
My all time favorite gray sweat shirt from Hanes that I glitzed up with my hot pink daisy pin coming to the shop soon and my clay and rhinestone necklace, coming to the shop soon. And my favorite Target jeans that I wear all the time!

Friday I went into town to sell eggs and jewelry and do a little shopping. I wore my sea foam green t-shirt from my favorite beach store Poodles in downtown Wilmington, my black sweater jacket from New York and Co which is about 10 years old and my chandelier drop necklace that is available in my shop in a set of 4! Oh and my favorite Target jeans, ha ha!

This is me on Sunday after church imagine me having on dark purple velvet pants, a jean jacket mixed with my brown top and olive green scarf! I changed right before heading out to sell eggs to a client and then heading back to church for the evening. The shirt came from Target about 4 years ago and the olive green scarf I got at a new store store called 5 and below. Sorry about the blurriness I was kinda in a hurry!
In other news I have been crunching numbers for my sweetheart dinner me and my children's ministry is hosting next month and dreaming up Valentines decorations. I am thinking I am going to make a few heart garlands to drape in the rooms and have been gathering up pink, red and white candles and thinking of favors to make. I think chocolate spoons to stir in coffee would be fun but not sure. Again it's just me, Mike and about 4 little sweeties running the show until some other people volunteer, which I am certain will happen because everyone is excited about the dinner. Although I think people think I am a mini Martha Stewart way out here in the small town of Timberlake so I know they think the decorations are going to be outrageous. This is what happens when a city girl moves to the country, starts a mini farm, sells eggs and promotes an eclectic jewelry line to farmers and country folk! But I know everything will come together as planned as long as God is involved!
Happy Wednesday!
~Gal Molly


Nathan and Megan said...

LOVE your Valentine ideas! We're actually helping to plan "A Valentine Affair" at our church. Sounds like we're up to some of the same things. Love the green scarf!

Michele said...

I'm stopping by from the Pleated Poppy. Your flower pins are adorable and definitely add a little something extra to a plain top. Very cute!

Kim said...

Your pins and jewelry are so cute!