Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Bangs!

The baby is getting too grown! She got bangs last week and now she looks 5 years older, ahhhhh! But isn't she beautiful! I am so so blessed to have her as my baby sister and best friend! Oh I wuvs her!
Um about the video I promised, well that's not going to happen today unless the Lord mysteriously lets me figure out how to use it on my camera, ha ha! I thought I knew how and I don't. I will keep fiddling with it until I do! I am trying to figure out where I put the handbook and can't find that either!
And I am really really excited about this weekend! Starting tomorrow night me and my sweetie will be with the youth for the whole weekend at Metamorphosis! Metamorphosis comes from the Greek words that mean 'change'. Last year we went and it was life changing, I wish everyone could go! We will have the same pastor, Nathan Smith! He is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! By Saturday night he had everyone crying and giving their life to Christ! I can only imagine what this weekend will bring!
I am leading the middle school girls and Mike has the high school boys. We will spend the night at host homes and do devotions and probably stay up late. The only thing I don't like is being away from Mike at nigh time. The only time I spent the night away from ever since we have been married was last year when we had our Esther party, which was fun and fabulous! I should be fine because I will be with him all day Friday and Saturday. I know I am 30 but I love my husband more than life itself and am so blessed to have him in my life, I absolutely hate being away from him. But I am doing God's work with leading these girls both nights so.
Ok I am off to clean, make some more clay jewelry and finish up my lessons for this weekend! Happy Thursday!
~Gal Molly

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