Thursday, March 10, 2011

Metamorphosis Part 2

Metamorphosis = Change in Greek
I am still changing
I still struggle with a sin that does not define who I am
I pray God will help me when I think or act on it
To help me not to think or act on it
I know He forgives and wipes the sin away forever
I know the Devil throws this sin in my face to make me feel bad, to make me feel like I am not worthy of His mercy and grace and forgiveness
That's why from today on I will keep my self in the Word
Because on days that I don't I find myself in the Word I start falling back into that sin and after I have I feel awful and lay down and pray
I know He forgives and I know He has great things for me in this life to honor Him
We are all human and sin is natural

But 4 days after metamorphosis I did fall back into sin
I think the Devil knew I was loving Jesus all day everyday and he came and made me fall
But that's ok, I have repented and I know I am forgiven
We all fall short of the glory of God
We are not perfect
But He forgives and loves us
He loves me and I know He wants to help me overcome this sin

I love Jesus
He didn't give me this heart for no reason
He didn't give me a love for souls for no reason
He didn't give me spiritual gifts for no reason
We are all human and sin is sin and all too quickly comes in our lives at the best moments we are feeling like we have overcome sin
We will never overcome sin BUT we can pray that He helps us to not act on it
That's what I love about Christ, that He loves us even when we do sin and He wipes our slates clean after we have repented

Don't you want that love too?
~Gal Molly

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