Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top 10 Bible Celebrity List

Do you ever have a list of some sort like a celebrity list or a to do list of things to do before you turn a certain age? Well I made up a heaven/bible celebrity list of people I can't wait to see, meet and talk to. Know it is going to be fun talking to all those who have gone before us. Please don't think I am being morbid, I just think it will be really cool to talk to others and get to know them and praise God together. Although I hope God has a crafting house up there for all us crafty people, ha ha! So here is my top 10 list of bible celebrities in no particular order :) 1. Esther... If you know me you know that I heart Esther big time! I can not wait to meet her, oh man I am excited about meeting Esther! 2. Ruth... Love her! She is awesome! Enough said! 3. Naomi... she attributed her suffering for God's will! Enough said! 4. Mary of Bethany... she sat at Jesus's feet while her sister Martha prepared dinner. She listened and that's what Jesus said was the best thing to do! 5. Martha... I feel kind of like her since I like to keep a clean house and prepare for glorious people like she did for Jesus! 6. Sarah.. she was an old mother and gave birth to Issac, the child of promise 7. John the Baptist... Jesus thought he was in my words 'da bomb'! He lived in the woods, ate bugs, was a real preacher of the gospel! 8. Jesus... do I really need to tell why :) 9. Eve... I need to ask her a question ;) 10. Rahab... clever and wise! Risked her and her family's life in an act of faith! I could list more bible celebrities but I only wanted you to see my top 10. Do you have a bible celebrity list or a favorite person you want to meet in heaven? It will be so much fun in heaven praising God and getting to know everyone. I know we will have a grand time! **I think 'Stella' has her groove back! I know God loves me and only wants the best for me and my family. We all have storms and deep deep valleys but God is always with us and He lights the way for us. I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel, I just have to keep going, praying and keep my faith! Also I have got the crafty bug so watch out for new clay jewels to hit the shop!** ~Gal Molly

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