Thursday, April 28, 2011

Huge Lot Sale!

I have a ton of necklace sets, earrings and toe ring and ankle bracelet sets.
**My description of how to purchase this lot is down at the bottom of the page**

Just a few of the tote bags pictured, I have about 2 of each one. These bags are really cute in person and the ones that have the multi color swirls on them have sequins all over!

Have 10 or each pair of sunglasses that you see here in the picture, they come in white, black, mauve purple and tan. I have a ton of hair bands in different colors and patterns. And some fun sequined ponytail holders and jumbo clips. I also have some different colored elastics to hold hair back as well.

I have two big crates full of flip flops. I have pink and white polka dot, pink and orange stripe, brown and light blue polka dot and teal and lime green stripe. I have all sizes in each color choice.

Hello friends! I hope everyone weathered the storm all right! We had a *brush* with last night and into early this morning but I think we are out of the woods in my viewing area! I got everyone who lost a loved one or lost everything in my prayers!!!

A couple of years ago I used to run a flea market in downtown and loved it. Now that I have a small chicken farm I don't get to run the flea market like I used to. So I am selling off the last of my goods in one huge lot! I have 325 items that range from flips flops to tote bags to hair accessories to jewelry to sunglasses! If anyone is interested I am asking $200 for everything and can ship it for $20! You are basically getting each piece for roughly about 60 cents each, that's a steal! **Please note that there is more items than pictured**

Please email me at if you are interested in this huge lot of fashion goodies!! Thanks for looking!
~Gal Molly

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