Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Healed By Prayer

Two weeks ago I woke up thinking I was sick. I had shortness of breath and was sick to my stomach. I went to the ER to be diagnosed with food poisoning. That following Sunday I went back to the ER with shortness of breath to be diagnosed with a panic attack. Since that Sunday I have been back to the ER because of a reaction a drug. My church has prayed for me and I feel 100% better today than I did two days ago. I found a really good doctor to help me get through these panic attacks and don't have to take any medication unless I feel one coming on.
I have deep faith in God and know He healed me! My church prayed for and so did my family. I can't thank them enough. The last two weeks have been kinda of rough but now I think I can enjoy my summer :) So starting next week I will have another craft for Wednesday!
~Gal Molly

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cmrpaul said...

Amen! The healing power of prayer, indeed! So glad you're feeling better. <>