Monday, August 1, 2011

The BEST Husband

Since our summer started off with me being sick and yes I AM STILL SICK! My husband has been my biggest supporter. He has taken care of me, listened to me whine and cry over what the heck is wrong with me and taken me to ER 6 times and fussed out doctors in my defense. I could not ask for a better husband! He has seen me at my worst this summer and has put up with a lot junk from doctors and me being too tired to even function. I know God sent him to me for this reason, to take care of me. During all this, he has managed to get up and go to work even after countless nights of staying up with me in the ER and getting about 2 hours sleep. I love this man and he tells me everyday how much he loves me. I thank my lucky stars and God everyday for blessing me with him! Hopefully Wednesday I will get some results, I see a new doctor, hopefully one that will listen to me!
~Gal Molly