Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Countdown Continues!

Meet Bandit! Our newst member of the family! She is a Walkerhound and Bloodhound mixed and I love her! She has really helped me heal this summer!

And here is me and Mike's picture for our church's website! I wish my mom had been able to cut my hair but oh well. Me and Mike are over the children's ministry and love it! I think Mike is going to take classes to be a youth pastor! He keeps talking about all the time! I am so excited about this journey God has us on!

Here is another ten things you didn't know about me!
1. I hate doors that are not push doors

2. Love Stevie Nicks

3. Love The Greek Gods Yogurt with apricots

4. Love Wendy's chili and baked potato

5. Have a secret stash of embroidery floss in my purse

6. Love hot apple cider

7. Love coloring books

8. Own three dresses 1. my wedding dress 2. a velvet dress 3. a summer dress

9. Love thrift shops

10. Love old books

See ya tomorrow!
~Gal Molly

1 comment:

cmrpaul said...

Bandit is kee-ute and I love that photo of you and Mike:) I love Stevie Nicks too and you, of course. You're so cute:)