Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A WILD start to the New Year!

Jenny and Kayla posing by the {Winter White cake with Bavarian cream}

The best cake ever on such a gloomy night!

My New Years Eve started out great I got up showered, put on my new hot pink shirt and glitter peacock earrings and headed an hour up the road to my dads house to exchange Christmas with him. I even stopped for a peppermint hot chocolate from McDonald's on the way. I arrived at my dads house and we had lunch and exchanged gifts and talked. I left around 3 o' clock to head back to get ready for the party that me and Mike were going to host for the children we teach. I was so excited, my brother Ronald had picked out the best cake at Sam's Club {winter white cake with Bavarian cream}. We also were going to have spaghetti with salad and French bread. And the children were excited to play {dirty santa}! About two hours into the party I received at text message from my mom telling me she was at the movies but my dad had a heart attack and was at the hospital. Don't think my mom doesn't care about him, they are divorced so she wasn't really panicked. I freaked out, my hands were shaking, I was sobbing and all in front of my sweet children. I tried calling everyone I knew to get in touch with someone finally I called my sister to get my step moms cell phone number. I called my step mom in utter panic and she was telling me that my dad had had chest pains, and the nitro patch didn't work. Then she put my dad on the phone and I lost it. Funny thing is he was the one consoling me instead of him. He kept telling me everything was going to be ok and I just had to trust that. I wanted to run right out of that church and drive up there but I had 12 children huddled all around me telling me how much they loved me and that they were praying for my dad. Isn't great how God has us in the right place at the right time?

My dad is doing great! Today he is having a heart cath and he has to quick smoking and go on a heart healthy diet! Praise the Lord! I have called everyday about 10 times a day to check on him. His doctor was most concerned about how fast this heart attack come on and what it took to stop it. If the paramedics had not told him chew 4 baby aspirin he probably would not be here. Thanks you Lord for baby aspirin and smart paramedics!

I know the Lord has something good to come out of this I'm just not sure what yet. Maybe its my dads wake up call to stop smoking, he told me he has been smoking since he was 12, ha!

One of my New Years resolutions is to thank God for everyday I have been given, especially since I was so sick last year and now my dad since this makes his 3rd heart attack.

~Gal Molly

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cmrpaul said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this but so relieved he is okay. Please stop smoking and take your fish oils!!!