Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A new look

Well last night after Mike's double header softball game ( he plays for our church ) we came home and did our usual cleaning of Maude. I have never looked at my incision thinking it would totally gross me out to the point that I would faint and be sick. It has healed but the doctor still wants us to clean and bandage it so bacteria won't get in it. I went to the mirror and to my surprise I saw the side that was completely healed and almost lost it. I have never thought of myself as having a scar like that and that was only one half of it. I almost started crying, it does look very gross to me even though it has healed. OK so enough about Maude. Last nights softball game was very intense. Even though we lost both games my sweet handsome husband played so well. I love watching him hit and play first base. He looks so cute in his uniform and the best part of his uniform is his number 04. 04 represents the year that we met, May 1 2004 we have been with each other everyday since that first date. Well me and Maude have to go now so until next time- Gal Molly

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