Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Field Day!!!! YAY!!!

Today I went to field day with my little sister Elizabeth. We had so much fun, I wish I had a field day for myself. HAHAHA!! First we had ice cream and then we started playing fun games. I did get a little burnt but Elizabeth got really tan. She tans so easily and has beautiful olive skin. After all the festivities were over we had lunch and then we left for the day. I just couldn't stand to see her stay and not be with me. My mom chaperoned my little brother Ronald's trip to Busch Gardens. I hope they had tons of fun today. I took my camera but to my surprise the batteries that I picked up were the ones that didn't get charged so I didn't get any pictures.:( Well we only have one week until the beach and I am so excited I can't stand it. Well if I have any adventures tonight I will let y'all know. Have a lovely evening.

Until I blog again~ Gal Molly

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