Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Memories of senior year

Here's my dad, J.W and my step momma Kim at senior night what a game.
J.W tackling and playing hard.

J.W playing baseball like a pro. He can hit a ball at 100mph. Whoa you go J.W.
J.W and "Livie" on prom night in front of his new truck.
J.W and "Livie" on the golf course.

Hey y'all just thought I would post some pictures of my little brother J.W's senior year. Wow time flies when your having fun. I can remember when he was born I had just turned nine and thinking wow a baby brother. I was always the "little mama" of the siblings. I guess being the oldest out of five siblings you have that instinct of wanting to protect and always be there for them. I have some pictures of senior night at his last football game and prom pictures. Unfortunately I couldn't be there for prom because of Maude ( my appendix rupturing) so my step momma sent me some pictures. My brother actually got a scholarship for baseball this year for college. I am so proud of you J.W aka Scooter Pooter HAHAHAHA. Me and Mike love you very much have a great summer .

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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