Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love my "Mikey"!!!!

My dad fixing Mike's tie for the wedding.
Mike. my dad, my little brothers Ronald and JW.
Us after the ceremony, Mike was trying to kiss me and I started laughing.

I just wanted to let the world know or whoever reads my blog that I truly love my husband from the bottom of my heart. He works so hard to provide me with everything I could ever want and I just wanted to thank him for doing that for me. I could not have prayed for a better man. When I prayed to God to find me someone I said Lord if you want me to be single that's fine but if you want me to have a husband that's even better HAHAHAHA! I know I was picky but you have to be when searching for your life partner. My checklist was: Loves the Lord, loves children,loves my crazy moods and ideas that I just think up at any give moment, doesn't drink or smoke and last but not least loves me for who I am and not all about looks. Well that is my husband Mike Pearce in a nutshell. "Mikey" I love you with all my heart and hope we have a many many many many more years of this wonderful marriage that we have created. Just think next year we will have a little Blythe or Wilmington running around wanting to go eat at Shorty's like his or her daddy. Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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