Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Let me just say for the record that my mom can do some darn good hair. My mom cut and colored my hair yesterday and it is awesome. I have had this cut before it got so popular. My hair is very stacked in the back and angled down the sides. She gave me some highlights throughout the front and top. My mom has been doing hair for over twenty years and has a booming business, if you don't pre-book your next appointment you will wait six to eight weeks just for a wet cut. She has been to London twice to train at the Vidal Sassoon school and to Chicago for Paul Mitchell. She has won numerous awards and was asked to teach for Mitchell's Hair Academy. As soon as I graduated high school I went on to Cosmetology school myself. I went to the International Institute of Hair Design. It was so much fun to go there and get to do competitions while I was in school. So me and my mom do each other's hair. I color hers she colors mine, I cut hers she cuts mine. We have what we call a "color and cut party". I have never been afraid to anything to my hair because after all its just hair it will grow back or you can re-do the color. I had my first perm at age three and was hooked. I have been coloring, highlighting, and doing anything I wanted to me hair since then. Let's just say I always have the news trend when it comes to my hair. I can spot someones "roots" a mile away and instantly want to say to them please let me re-touch your hair but I know that's rude. Me and my sisters have been hair models numerous times and loved it. Well momma thanks for making me look hot to trot. HAHAHA!! I'll post a pic when my husband gets home to take one.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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