Friday, November 7, 2008

One Little Candle

As you all know my little sister is deaf but she can hear. Elizabeth has two cochlear implants and that has allowed her to listen, speak and let me hear her BEAUTIFUL VOICE. Also her favorite color is Aqua so I thought it only to be fitting that I write in this beautiful color in her honor. This morning I arrived at my mothers house as I do most days of the week to visit and my little sister is in her room singing, well most people wouldn't think it was singing but in her case is it. I walked down the hall and saw her sitting at her vanity singing a Christmas tune to herself. As I walked into her room I startled her and she said "no looking , no looking Molly", so I turned around and waited. She then proceeds to tell me in her own way that she is memorizing two Christmas songs to sing to us on Christmas day. I became overjoyed and almost cried.

Well this year she is in fourth grade and when you get in fourth grade you can be in chorus, her only deli ma is she can not sing, carry a tune or keep on track according to the chorus rules, which is fine. This whole first part of the school year all her friends are in chorus and I think it really bothers her that she cannot be singing and having fun like her "normal" friends. So she has somehow swiped the lyrics from the music room and is learning them on her own. Elizabeth is very smart the only subject she can be graded on is math and on Friday they received report cards and she received a 93 in math which is an A. She can do multiplication tables like no body's business, HAHAHA!!!

My baby sister is only 11, but she can blow you out of the water with her abilities. I can only imagine how Christmas day will turn out with her songs she is learning. Words cannot explain how much love I have for her and how beautiful, smart and loving this sweet child is. I remember the first day I saw her, she was laying in the nursery at the hospital waiting for us to bring her home. Her mother was mentality ill and the courts had terminated her rights to Ronald and Elizabeth. I do not know what my life would have been like had we not adopted these two beautiful children.

I already have my Christmas gift and that's the gift of a child overcoming what others say she can't. So Elizabeth this is to you my child of God, sing to the high heavens and let us hear your voice.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Cindy Is Crafty said...

Hi Molly,
Nice to meet you! I am your partner for Debra's swap. Why not ask the chorus director at your sister's school if she can be the page turner for the accompainist? That way she can participate, be there with her friends and still be a part, too.
I sang in high school chorus and in church ever since. I also have been a page turner and since I don't read music if the group is not singing I don't know when to turn the pages. The accompainist just nods her head for me.
Just a thought.