Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prayer, Praise and Proclamation

I just have one word for the happenings for this week WOW!! As you all know I am a Christian and I stand true to the word of the Lord and I try my hardest to live by them. For the past six months me and my husband have fallen on hard times, I nearly died when my appendix ruptured, we have lost some locations and almost lost our whole lively hood. But the one thing that we didn't loose was our FAITH IN GOD. We prayed daily and gave our situation up to him and let him fix it the way it needed to be fixed. We have also prayed that we wanted to do more work for the Lord and by that I mean either mission work or Mike becoming a pastor. And last but not least we have prayed for a baby, whether we conceive or by adoption. Up until this week we have struggled, triumphed and hoped that our FAITH IN GOD would lead us on a path for which we could not see. I can honestly say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. As for the title prayer, praise and proclamation here it is as follows:

Prayer: Although we might have lost material items our prayers came through. With just a little patience not only did we loose locations but we gained locations in their place. It might have took awhile but our prayers were answered, if we don't have machines out there we make no money(that's the joy of being self employed :( . As far as mission work goes I think Mike wants to pursue becoming a pastor. Last Sunday at church our dear friends Harriet and Winslow told us that they had visited some old friends at Campbell University and that Harriet had a revelation. She proceeded to find out all the information on scholarships and funding so Mike could attend seminary school. We have been researching this all out to make sure this is what we want to do and also praying more about where God wants us minister to people.

Praise: I am praising God that I have finally finished the quilt that I have been making my little sister for Christmas. This past summer God showed me my creative side and it has just blossomed from there. And to also give me the strength to walk a mile on the tread mill every day. Thank you Lord!!!

Proclamation: I am truly saddened at how the election turned out, I just hope that he can live up to his plan and everything that he has proclaimed to do for the economy.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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