Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The countdown continues.......

As I sit here and ponder on what to write I can only think of one thing Mike said to me last night as we shared our thoughts on 2009, "You know every year that we have been married the odd years were the best". I kinda looked at him like what are you talking about and then it hit me. We married in 2005 and we were at FEDEX until 2007, in 2006 we were miserable with our route and how we were being treated but knew we had to keep our route because no one was buying at the time, in 2008 we moved, my appendix ruptured and we nearly lost everything. So as you can see the even years were the worst. As this year comes to an end I believe God has placed people and places in our way for good of our future. We have gained many locations and keep gaining more, we have made wonderful friends in our Sunday school class and we are completely reliant on God. We have learned to give all of our worries and prayers to him and that has kept us from trying to do things "our way". My list from yesterday can only begin to grow and prosper with my faith in God. I hope and pray that this year is better than last year and that we can continue to deepen our walk with the Lord.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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Priscila said...

u guys are so cute!!! Being married is really hard especially cause you see your partner in a different light but its the best. It just gets better every year. In Sep I will be married for 5 years...and every New Years its like dang...another year and Sep its like DAng another year but its so good. Every day is a mystery of new suprises! I wish you and yours a wonderful new year with lots of love and blessings