Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trendy Tuesday

Just look at those Finger waves, I loved doing them in beauty school and actually was the best in my class. Wow that so sounded like something from the Beauty School Dropout song HEHE.
Did you know that the Bobbie Pin was invented because of the "bob"!

Here are the first ads of hair extensions debuting in the 1920's. Queen Mary preferred if ladies that had short hair try to conceal it at court functions and royal ceremonies.

Famous flappers and actress' like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow even got "bobed" setting off a "bobing" frenzy amongst the young ladies.

Did you know that the bob was invented in the 1900's and became all the rage of the 20th century. For as long as I can remember I have always had my hair cut in some type of "bob" length. Beings my mom is a hair designer, I have never been scared to try anything new, I mean I had my first perm when I was 2 and let me just say I loved it. I know a regular two year old would not remember such a thing but I do. OK enough about me and back to the "bob". In 1915 a dancer by the name of Irene Castle cut her hair for the "convience" but little did she know that her new "do" would be known as the Castle Bob. The bob is a simple hair cut with it's length just below the ears and blunt. You could wear it with bangs or not, your choice. During the 20's if you cut your hair into a "bob" style you were considered bold, youthful and rebellious. F. Scott Fitzgerald even wrote a short story about the famous "bob" titled "Bernice Bob's her hair". It was published in the Saturday Evening Post on May 1 1920. Eventually hair dressers had to succumb to the "bob" style because the barbers were taking all of their clients. All in all I love the "bob" style and will continue to keep my hair that way. My mom is doing my hair on Thursday so I will have to post some picks of my "bobed" do'. Until then ladies why not try it for yourself.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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