Thursday, January 8, 2009

Potluck Thursday

Here is my duck, geese whatever you call it, Ella her husband Charlie ran off from me taking his photo, so maybe I'll get him later. Ella and Charlie always meet me when I am driving down the path to come home, they wait at my porch for bread crumbs in the morning . I love these little geese or ducks whatever you call them that live with us, they surly make my day.

Here are Ella and Charlie's extended family that come to eat with them everyday. Clockwise from the left is Mildred, Myrtle, Melfred and Millie.

OK so for the last three days I have been in the same PJ's and not fixed my hair, makeup and what have you. I was trying to upload my pictures to etsy all day yesterday and had no luck. So my sweet loving husband who has put up with me and my crazyiness has gone to the camera store to see how to make our pictures smaller, due to their uploading program on etsy. So no I do not have any pictures in my shop as of yet but by the graces of God maybe I will tonight.

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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