Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama

Happy birthday MAMA!!! Yes my friends today is my mamas birthday and on Wednesday it is my little brother Ronald's birthday and next Tuesday it is my hubby's birthday. Whew.. I know what a fun filled month February is, oh and don't forget Val Day on Saturday.

On February 9Th 1956 little Cynthia Kale was born. My granny Elizabeth Kale and my granddaddy Glenn Kale adopted my mom a few months later and brought her home. My mom was in the Greensboro Children's Home and my grandparents wanted a baby so they picked my mama. I am so glad that they adopted her because I would have never gotten to know them if they hadn't and really people I would have been missing out.My grandparents were givers and God loving people and always had a spread of goodies to eat when you arrived at their home. I can only imagine the baby shower my granny received when she adopted my mom. My mom has a baby shower invite that she framed and it has a cute little 1950's looking baby on the front. My mom went to ECU, then beauty school, then married my dad and then went to Durham Tech to become a drafter(which is you get to draw drafts of buildings and what not). So my mom is a woman of many traits. After my granddaddy died she decided to become a foster parent and that's how we got my baby brother and sister. My mom always volunteers too much and wants to give everyone and thing a home, so I guess she got it honest because my grandparents were the same way. So here's to you Mama, I hope you have the best birthday in the world and I have some goodies for you later. I love you very much and thank God everyday for all the things you have taught me. Oh and don't forget like mother like daughter we both can do a mean roller set and back tease, oh and a Page Boy Flip ( I remember that one in beauty school ). Love ya mama.....

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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