Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it bad to eat a fudge pop at 8 AM?

Is it bad to eat a fudge pop at 8AM? I was craving some chocolaty goodness and that just had to have it , I'm sure Denise Austin or Jenny Craig would disapprove.

I have some new designs that will hit the studio this weekend that are over the top. I have some Valentine's goodies and some sparkly stuff to strike your fancy.

Did you know that February was national Cherry month? Me neither. So go and bake some cherry pies or make some chocolate covered cherries. YUM!

There will be a giveaway soon to celebrate my 200TH post. I am thinking of doing a few to lead up to the big day of 200TH post, so stay tuned for details.

If you hadn't heard please visit John Haggee's website for some rocking sermons and a heartfelt message from his wife Dianna, she needs our prayers!!

Have a blessed weekend and peek in tomorrow for some photo's of the new stock hitting the studio. My new motto is why have Coach when you can have Little Sundays! HEHE!

Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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