Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ronald

Thirteen years ago this precious baby came to our house, actually he came to my mom' s salon. My mom had become a foster parent and was considering not taking anymore children but we got the call that a baby had been left alone for 24 hours and they needed a home for it. So my mom called them back and said yes bring the baby to my salon. It was a cold rainy night and a car pulled up in the parking lot. The social worker took out a baby seat and laying in that baby seat was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. All Ronald had to his name was a onesie, 1 diaper and a half empty bottle. When we got Ronald inside I was in love. Who in their right mind could leave such a precious baby alone? But you would have to hear his mother's story and I won't get into that. So me and my mom and our new baby ran over to the Walmart because it was like 10 o'clock at night and bought him all kinds of goodies. We adopted him and Elizabeth one year later.
As Ronald grew we became the best of friends. In high school he would come at the ripe old age of 1 and hang out with all the band parents and he became the "band baby". He was at all my games and loved my band uniform and hat because it had a feather on it. I also took photograpghy in high school so he was always my model and loved to pose for me. The two top pictures I actually took of him in high school. When I got my license I would pick him up from nursery school and we would sometimes go get ice cream or do our frequent drugstore run to get candy and drinks. I always tease him because when he was a little fella he would always strip down to his diaper and socks when he walked through the door. Ronald was always my shopping buddy and would even go with me to the nail salon.He always told me what outfit looked good and which one didn't, he's a great little fashionista.HEHE. This precious baby is a gift from God.

Ronald was my body guard and defended me of all bad boyfriends. He would often tell me "you want me to get em". Little did he know that he was my boyfriend, my best friend. Our Saturdays consisted of watching Power Rangers, shark movies, scary movies,strowing all his little cars and army men over the floor and making a big breakfast. I so miss those days since I got married. When I met Mike, Ronald fell in love him as did Mike. I remember the one time Ronald rode with Mike in the big FedEx truck, he sat under the shelves and loved it. He wanted to go with Mike on his deliveries the next day but couldn't. Mike wanted Ronald to be his best man at our wedding and so he was. Ronald didn't like the tails on the tux I picked for him but he was mighty cute in it.

As you all know Elizabeth is his sister. She was born just under a year after we got Ronald, so it's like we have twins, partner's in crime. Ronald has always been the best big brother. When we learned that Elizabeth was deaf, we all took sign language. Ronald picked it up so well and even helped me learn. It is so funny to watch them sign together, because most of the time their up to no good. Ronald has always been Elizabeth's interpreter at school or church. He's so cute when he's trying to tell someone what she wants or helping her say a word or phrase. He will be a Awesome man one day. One day I was cleaning up the house and noticed it was very quiet, well when I found them they had taken a whole dozen eggs and thrown them against the wall in the den and were laughing quietly the whole time. That took forever to clean up. When Ronald was 2 or 3 he loved going through my makeup bag and looking at all the colors. When he picked the mascara he asked me what it was and I told him. To this day he still calls mascara "eyescara", too cute buddy. One day when we were getting ready for church I was looking for my mascara and couldn't find it. Then I heard this cackling laugh coming from Elizabeth in the living room. So I run in there and Ronald had brushed Elizabeth from head to toe in mascara. The bristles on the brush were tickling her and she was laughing so hard. When Ronald was baptized I cried. He had made the decision over vacation bible school to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. In his testimony he thanked me for making him who he was and for taking the time to teach him things. He was 8 and knew how much I and Jesus loved him.

This past summer Ronald went with me to fill some of our vending machines and loved it. He kept wanting to put the drinks and snacks in the machines and helping me count the money. He asked if he could work for us when he got older. I told him yes and then he asked how much he was gonna get paid, I laughed. Oh Ronald my sweet baby boy I love you so much. You are so smart, so giving, so loving and you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I have cherished our fun times together and can't wait for more. You are the best brother anyone could ask for. I hope one day you will see just how beautiful and loving you are.

Happy Birthday Ronald Kale-Ladd Lopossay!! Me and Mike love you more than you know.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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