Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh lordy be enchila(deee) stoup and Emme

Hello friends I thought I would share me and Mike's favorite stoup (not thin enough for a soup and not thick enough for a stew). HEHE
Anyways here's the scoop on my famous enchiladeee stoup (private joke between me and my sweetums). OK so you take your day or two old enchiladeee mix that you have already used for nachos and what nots and add it to your pot. Then add a can of corn and chicken stock and let it get to a boil. Then add two teaspoons of salsa and about 4 teaspoons of cheese sauce. Let simmer a few minutes and tada you have echiladeee stoup. Now I add a cheese quesadila ( whatever I think I spelled that wrong and spell check isn't helping ) and tortilla chips for ya to dip. Now enjoy with the one ya love.

Now meet my new friend I bought via Ebay. I named her Emme and she gets a new "get-up" daily, whether it be some jewels, fabric pinned on her or a new purse that I have made. We have became the best of friends since she can't look better than me and she doesn't talk. HAHA!! I'm not conceited I swear. Later on this week she will be sporting a new apron I have been working for the studio, so check back to see her model it.
Until I blog again ~ Gal Molly

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